Home Science is concerned with the home, health and happiness of all the people living in it. Home Science draws its content from courses in both Science and Arts. Home Science means the art of managing your resources efficiently. It is the science of achieving a healthy and happy home as well as a successful career. 

The subject equips the learner for knowledge, skills and abilities in above field of specializations. Home Science is the art of managing resources efficiently combined with the science of achieving a healthier and happier home and also gaining personal and professional enrichment. It teaches the ethics in daily and also be a happy consumer. There are five specializations namely:

Food and Nutrition

Human Development

Resource Management

Clothing and Textile

Extension and Communication

  • Relevance of Home Science to men and women through five specializations 
  • To learn wide range of job opportunities in different fields of home science 
  • To train the learner to plan and consume the balanced diet by self and for the family 
  • To understand the fibre and fabric its properties, care and application 
  • To learn efficient use of resources like time, energy and money 
  • To understand the pregnancy, growth and development of child and characteristics in adolescence and family in different life stages 
  • To learn ethics in daily life 
  • To know the consumer, consumer problems and consumer rights 
  • To learn about environment and ways to minimize the pollution 
  • Understand the food, nutrition, food preservation, health, safety in food, home and environment 
  •  Learn the basics of fiber, yarn, fabric, fabric finishes, care, stain removal and laundry techniques for different fabrics, printing and dyeing methods 
  • Application of the management of time, energy and income and other resources to reach the goals 
  •  Knowing about the pregnancy, developmental features and milestones since infancy, early childhood, late childhood, adolescence (teenage) 
  •  Convey the message for importance and ways to have healthy relationships within the family members of the family and outside 
  •  Equip the learner to develop high values and ethics and face the challenges of the real life situations 
  •  Consumer education and know the consumer rights and responsibilities
  • Learn to contribute to society.
  •  Open to all. 
  •  A learner who has passed class VIII and has valid proof of attaining 14 years of age 
  •  See prerequisite 
  • Course prerequisite, intended audience and reading materials 8th pass preferably with Science, Arts, English and Hindi 
  • Big aspirer to master the skill in cooking, food preservation, cloth printing, dyeing, activities related to housekeeping, child caring, youth and family counselling, assisting the consumer at various levels 
  •  Those who intend to do current household chores in better organized and scientific way 
  • Anybody who have attained the higher degree in other subject but learn to make their family life more healthy and happy
  • Anybody who feels some deficiency in personal development 
  • The reading material provided for secondary level Home Science is well equip to furnish the basic understanding of a person in different life stages from different perspective 
  • The reading material extends the learning to inspire you to look forward the national issues like saving the environment and living a healthy life and make some contribution in this regard 
  • Those who want further study the foods and nutrition or any other specialization of home science at graduate or higher study level. 
  • Those who wants to be entrepreneur or counselor 
 Food and Nutrition 
• Food Science 
• Clinical Nutrition and Community 
• Catering 
• Food Preservation/ Bakery and Confectionery 
 Resource Management 
• Arts and Crafts classes 
• Event Managers 
 Fabric and Apparel Science 
• Dress Designing 
• Garment Construction 
• Textile Designing 
 Human Development 
• Child Welfare 
• Care for Special Children 
• Adolescence and Family Guidance 
• Care for the Elderly 
• Creche Staff/Owner 
• Day care/ after day care teaching 
 Communication and Extension 
Work in Development Organizations 
Trainers and Facilitators for Capacity Building 
Media Production and Management 
Public Relations
Programme Planners
Own Business