Curriculum Designing Program at Nisaa Teacher Training

The Preschool Curriculum Designing Program

The Preschool Curriculum Design Certificate covers basic curriculum design principles for the early childhood environment. Participants will learn about the indicators of effective curriculum and a wide range of recommended strategies and methods for curriculum development at the preschool level.This program is divided into four modules. 120 hrs for the complete course. Each Module consists of 40 hrs each. Each module includes an evaluation.

Students Assessments: 

  • Competency based questions at the end of each module. 
  • Student activities and/or observations with written feedback 
  • End of Course Evaluation. 
  • Students must pass evaluation with a grade of 70% or better to complete the course
  • Project based on the overall curriculum strategies taught throughout the course.


The Certificate in Curriculum Development is designed for teachers, educators and administrators who are or will be involved in curriculum development. Participants will learn to analyze, design, implement and evaluate curriculum. The program content includes elements and phases of instructional design, needs analysis and assessment, methods of instruction, curriculum development vs. instructional design, implementation, planning delivery, formative and summative evaluation. 

Length of the Program 

This program is divided into four modules 120 hrs for the complete course. Each Module consists of 40 hrs each. Each module includes an evaluation. Participants will be awarded the Certificate in Curriculum Development upon successful completion of the modules. 

Enrollment Requirements: 

  • Must be 21 years of age or older 
  • Must be a Graduate and submit documentation as proof 
  • Must be able to speak, read, and write well enough in the language the course is presented in to understand and complete the course material
  • Courses within this program may require observation, assessment, and practical application of learning principles in an early childhood learning environment. 
  • Students must be working in or have access to an early childhood environment to successfully complete these courses. 

Preschool Curicullum Design


Registration: 4 times a year

 Jan - March 

April - June

 July - September 

October - December

Preschool Curriculum Designing Course

Courses Available:

  1. Mother Toddler 
  2. Playgroup & Nursery